Ring of Kerry Cycle Route [GPX]

So, I did the Ring of Kerry Cycle Route last month.

Before that I tried to get a gpx track of it for use as guide on the road – but couldn’t find one.

So, I got a map (the Xploreit Map of County Kerry, because it covers the whole route contrary to the OSI Discovery Series Maps where I would have needed three), rented a bike (right near the start of the track at O’Sullivan’s) and got going.

And because of that, here’s now a downloadable gpx track of the Ring of Kerry Cycle Route connecting Killarney with Kenmare, Sneem, Waterville, Portmagee, Valentia Island, Caherciveen, Killorglin and back:

(The heights and distances are – as always with gps logs – not correct.)


DIY Latitude

Creating you own, private location sharing infrastructure using OwnTracks.


(Just the) audio from the Dingledine/Applebaum Q&A at TUM

So, https://gnunet.org/tor2013tum-video is quite interesting.
But is also is quite long. (Almost 4 hours.)

So I extracted the audio from the video to be able to listen to it on the go. (Which is sufficient since the picture doesn’t add that much information.)

If you’re interested, grab it here: http://bapf.cassiopeia.uberspace.de/tor_talk_07_24_13.mp3

Creative Commons License
Roger Dingledine and Jacob Applebaum: Q & A Marathon @ TUM by Roger Dingledine, Jacob Applebaum and the GNUnet Project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.


No sound with SoundBlaster Audigy SE on Linux

So, after having this problem at some point on Ubuntu and Fedora I did some searching and it turns out the solution is quite simple (as always, you just have to find it ;):

The problem:
I have a SoundBlaster Audigy SE (CA0106). At some point my sound stopped working. There where no error messages, sound controls said all is fine and even the meters showed something when sound was playing … only the boxes didn’t output anything.

The solution:
Turns out the (/this?) SoundBlaster doesn’t feed anything to the analog output as soon as the digital output is active.
So you just have to fire up alsamixer, select your SoundBlaster (F6 -> CA0106) and mute the S/PDIF channel (select it and press M). And … voilà … you’ll have sound again.


Additional metainfo in Bibble5-JPEGs

Since Bibble 5 (which I really enjoy using) doesn’t copy the Makerdata-informations from the original RAW into JPEG-files when exporting – which is quite annoying when posting images online – I wrote the a small script for use with the “Open in application” feature in the batch definition.

It uses Phil Harveys exiftool (http://www.sno.phy.queensu.ca/~phil/exiftool/) and should work in every *nix-environment.


(Also don’t forget to change the RAW_DIR and RAW settings inside the script. Out of the box it will only work with Nikon-RAWs and with very poor performance.)