DIY Latitude: Update 2017

In the meantime I’ve changed the collector part of my setup (described here) quite massively:

The following components are gone:

  • MQTT broker
  • MySQL database
  • gpxexporter

and I’m using instead the following app:

GPS Logger for Android

which can run in the background and has the ability to automatically transfer the logs to quite a few targets. In my case, directly onto my owncloud which runs on the same webserver as the LeafletJS-Site, so I can use the uploaded files directly from there.

The app creates a new log every day so the traffic is a litte more than with owntracks, but not really a problem. On the server side I merge the files using gpsbabel into monthly and yearly versions. For that, you have to use a litte bit of sed-magic:

gpsbabel -t -i gpx `ls /<path-to-owncloud-data>/201705*.gpx | sed "s/^/-f /g"` -x track,merge -o gpx -F /<path-to-leafletjs-directory>/201705.gpx

So, to summarize:


  • Waaaaay simpler infrastructure
  • Points are also getting logged when I’m offline


  • In the app there’s no way to see where other users are (if more than one user uses the infrastructure). It’s still possible on the website though.

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